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The Biodiesel Handbook

The Biodiesel Handbook

Gerhard Knothe, Jon Van Gerpen, and Jürgen Krahl
Hardbound. 304 pages. 2005. | ISBN: 1-893997-79-0
List Price: $98.00 | Member Price: $85.00

Biodiesel is the form in which vegetable oils and animal fats are used as renewable diesel fuel. Whether it is created as neat diesel fuel or in blends with petroleum-based diesel fuels, biodiesel represents a positive alternative to fossil fuels. Many researchers around the world have dealt with the legislative, chemical, and engineering issues that result from the study of biodiesel. The Biodiesel Handbook summarizes these issues and how they have been dealt with, but also presents new data and technical information. Chapters include summaries on legislative and regulatory efforts around the world, the history of vegetable oil-based diesel fuels, the basic concept of the diesel engine, and glycerol, a valuable byproduct of biodiesel production. As the most up-to-date resource on biodiesel available, The Biodiesel Handbook is a necessary book for people interested in renewable fuels.

The History of Vegetable Oil-Based Diesel Fuels
The Basics of Diesel Engines and Diesel Fuels
Biodiesel Production
Basics of the Transesterification Reaction
Alternate Feedstocks and Technologies for Biodiesel Production
Analytical Methods for Biodiesel
Fuel Properties
Cetane Numbers-Heat of Combustion-Why Vegetable Oils and Their Derivatives Are Suitable as a Diesel Fuel
Viscosity of Biodiesel
Cold Weather Properties and Performance of Biodiesel
Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel
Literature Overview
Stability of Biodiesel
Biodiesel Lubricity
Biodiesel Fuels: Biodegradability, Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demand, and Toxicity
Soybean Oil Composition for Biodiesel
Exhuast Emissions
Effect of Biodiesel Fuel on Pollutant Emissions from Diesel Engines
Influence of Biodiesel and Different Petrodiesel Fuels on Exhaust Emissions and Health Effects
Current Status of the Biodiesel Industry
Current Status of Biodiesel in the United States
Current Status of Biodiesel in the European Union
Biodiesel Quality Management: The AGQM Story
Status of Biodiesel in Asia, the Americas, Australia, and South Africa
Environmental Implications of Biodiesel (Life-Cycle Assessment)
Potential Production of Biodiesel
Other Uses of Biodiesel
Other Alternative Diesel Fuels from Vegetable Oils

Appendix A: Technical Tables
Appendix B: Biodiesel Standards
Appendix C: Internet Resources

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