Monday, May 7, 2007

Launch of The Bioenergy Blog

The Bioenergy Blog is a devoted to the identification and promotion of key primary and secondary literature relating to biorenewable fuels, most notably bioethanol and biodiesel.

It will focus on the technical aspects and technologies associated with the production of these fuels, as well as other bio-based products and commodities.

It will seek to identify significant monographs as well as conference proceedings, dissertations and theses, reports and other grey literature, as well as popular works and relevant digital sources, notably DVDs and significant Websites. Select major review articles will also be profiled.

The Bioenergy Blog was formally established on May 7 2007.

With proper support, it is hoped that the major publications and presentations cited in The Bioenergy Blog will be compiled into a Web-based annotated bibliography.

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Egon Willighagen said...

Thanx to an ad on the CHMINF-L list, I added this blog to Chemical blogspace.