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Biofuels for Fuel Cells: Renewable Energy from Biomass Fermentation

Biofuels for Fuel Cells: Renewable Energy from Biomass Fermentation

Editor(s): P Lens, P Westermann, M Haberbauer, A Moreno | London: IWA Publishing, 2005 | 544 pages | Hardback | ISBN 1843390922 |

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The increasing demand for energy and the related environmental concerns are the main drivers for the strong interest in Biomass Fermentation towards usage in Fuel Cells. The integration of Biomass Fermentation (BF) and Fuel Cells (FC) technology creates a new and interdisciplinary research area.

Due to their high efficiency Fuel Cells are therefore considered as a strategic technology for future energy supply systems. The fact that biomass is a renewable source of energy in combination with the most efficient energy conversion system (FC) makes this combination unique and advantageous.

This book has a clear orientation towards making products of our waste. Biofuels for Fuel Cells comes at a time when this field is rapidly developing and there is a need for a synthetising book. The holistic and multidisciplinary description of this topic, including discussion of technological, socio-economic, system analysis and policy and regulatory aspects, make this book the definitive work for this market.

Biofuels for Fuel Cells will cross-link scientists of all fields concerned with Biomass Fermentation, Fuel Upgrading and Fuel Cells at European and World level.

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